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Things You Should Never Assume When You’re a Caregiver

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Caregiving can be demanding and challenging, but there are also rewarding times. Before you take on the responsibilities of a family caregiver, you should know as much about the role as possible instead of assuming what the daily duties entail. Here are some assumptions family caregivers should never make.

You’ll Receive Help

Receiving help is ideal, but it is not always the case. Friends and family, especially siblings, may commit to helping you take care of your elderly parent in the beginning, but when it is time to step up they may disappear. As the primary caregiver, you will need to handle your loved one’s personal and financial business in addition to his or her care needs. Not receiving adequate help from others can make caregiving overwhelming. Develop a schedule prior to taking on the caregiver role, and delegate as many responsibilities as you can. If you don’t receive help, make plans to use respite care so you can balance your personal and professional life with your caregiving duties.

If you are the primary family caregiver for an elderly loved one and need additional assistance providing high-quality home care, Colorado Springs Home Care Assistance can help. We are a leading home care agency committed to changing the way seniors age.

Recovery Times Are Fast

The way your loved one responds to treatment will vary compared to other seniors. Your loved one could recover from an injury quickly, or it could take longer than the average aging adult. The recovery time will depend on your loved one’s overall health, in addition to the severity of the injury or illness. Don’t assume your loved one will get better, even though this is your goal. He or she could recover and return to good health, or the health issue could worsen. It’s best to remain positive and do everything possible to ease the recovery process for your loved one.

An Insurance Policy Covers Long-Term Care

Many family caregivers are shocked to learn their senior loved one’s insurance doesn’t cover all medical expenses, including long-term healthcare costs. Go over your loved one’s insurance policy and determine what is excluded. Knowing what you may have to pay for ahead of time allows you to find available resources within the community. Some organizations and groups offer assistance with meals, rehabilitation care, medications, medical devices, and in-home care services.

Families shouldn’t have to worry about finding reliable home care. Colorado Springs Home Care Assistance is a leading provider of elderly home care. We offer a proprietary program called the Balanced Care Method, which uses holistic methods to promote senior health, our caregivers and Care Managers are available 24/7, and all of our in-home care services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

You Can’t Access Confidential Information

When your loved one is at the doctor’s office, you should stay in the room to hear what the medical professional is saying. A lot of family caregivers assume they are not privy to confidential information, but this is not always the case. Listening to the diagnosis could help you provide better care to your loved one. You should also ask as many questions as you need to and make changes accordingly. Even if the doctor doesn’t speak directly to you about your loved one’s health, make it a priority to listen so you are well informed when it pertains to his or her treatment plan.

For some families, caring for a senior loved one can be overwhelming at times. Luckily, they can rely on professional respite care. Colorado Springs, CO, Home Care Assistance is a trusted name in respite and hourly care. Our caregivers are available around the clock to assist seniors with bathing, transportation, medication reminders, exercise, and much more, allowing families the time they need to focus on other important responsibilities or just take a break. To schedule a free in-home consultation, call us at (719) 822-1229.


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