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6 Health Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

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The Benefits of Yoga to Aging Adults in Colorado Springs, CO

Yoga is a form of exercise that can boost your senior loved one’s health in a variety of ways. Maintaining a high quality of life can be challenging for some seniors, but professional caregivers can help them obtain this goal. Families can trust in Colorado Springs, CO, non-medical senior care experts to help their elderly loved ones focus on lifestyle choices that increase the chances of living a longer and healthier life.

Even if your loved one has limited mobility, he or she can still find an accommodating yoga pose. Here are a few ways yoga can boost your loved one’s health. 

1. Promotes Weight Loss

If your loved one is having difficulty maintaining a normal BMI, poor diet and inactivity could be the reasons. Seniors are less active as they age, and your loved one may not have the willpower to exercise, but yoga can increase his or her determination and shift the focus to wellness. By practicing yoga on a regular basis, your loved one can lose weight and possibly prevent diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. 

2. Strengthens Bones 

Seniors are more susceptible to slips and falls than any other age group because of poor muscle strength and balance issues. Practicing yoga can strengthen bones and prevent serious health conditions such as osteoporosis, broken bones, head injuries, and fractures.

3. Stimulates the Brain 

As your loved one ages, his or her thought process may not be as sharp as it once was, and he or she may have difficulty remembering things or giving timely responses. Yoga focuses on breathing and synchronizing each breath with movement, which can keep your loved one’s mind clear, stimulated, and engaged. Breathing exercises harmonize the left and right hemispheres of the brain that are responsible for the correlation of the emotional and logical sides of a person’s personality. 

4. Reduces Stress 

Your loved one may experience anxiety for various reasons, such as being diagnosed with an age-related illness, living on a fixed income, and relying on help from someone else. Chronic stress can cause severe heart muscle weakness, which could lead to heart attack or stroke. Doing yoga may reduce the amount of anxiety your loved one feels and help him or her maintain a more relaxed state. Yoga induces the relaxation response, a state that modulates the way the body responds to stress. 

5. Minimizes the Risk of Hypertension

Doing yoga could help your loved one maintain normal blood pressure and limit the amount of medication he or she takes for hypertension. Postures, meditation, and breathing are the basic elements of yoga, all of which help reduce a senior’s blood pressure. The slow and controlled breathing your loved one does with yoga may also result in normal heart rate and blood pressure. 

Staying active is vital for aging adults who want to be healthy and independent for as long as possible. Every senior has different needs when aging in place. Some simply need occasional assistance with household chores, while others may be managing a serious illness and require more extensive 24-hour home care. Colorado Springs seniors can count on Home Care Assistance to provide the in-home care they need and deserve.

6. Prevents Insomnia 

Many seniors have difficulty sleeping throughout the night. Yoga is a form of exercise that can enhance quality of sleep. The different breathing and relaxation techniques involved in yoga can help your loved one fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. Preventing insomnia can reduce the risk of diabetes, high glucose levels, stroke, heart attack, depression, and other health conditions.

Some elderly people require occasional assistance at home, and oftentimes family caregivers need a break to go to work, take a nap, run errands, or take a vacation. If your aging loved one needs occasional help with bathing, grooming, cooking, or other basic household tasks, or if you need time to attend to important personal matters, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of live-in and respite care. Colorado Springs seniors can maintain their independence while living at home with the help of our reliable respite caregivers. To learn more about our senior care plans, call (719) 822-1229.


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