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Helpful Tips for Transitioning Seniors from Hospital to Home

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Tips to Transition Senior From Hospital in Colorado Springs, CO

One of the most precarious times for seniors is the short period following hospitalization when transitioning to home. It’s imperative for in-home Colorado Springs caregivers to plan ahead for this transition to go smoothly. Work with the doctors and medical team to understand what you can expect during this period and follow the tips below.

Medication Management

Many seniors receive new medicines while they are in the hospital. Arrange for someone to have these medicines waiting at the senior’s home when he or she gets there. Understand which medicines they are meant to replace your loved one’s old medications. Responsibly dispose of all medicines that are no longer to be taken. Establish a routine for taking the new medicines.

Physical Assistance

If new medical equipment is needed, then make sure that it is brought to the hospital or installed in the home before the senior arrives there. If changes need to be done to the home, such as mobility ramps or grab bars, make sure the work is completed before the senior arrives. 

Fall Prevention

Seniors are likely to be very tired and weak after being in the hospital. Therefore, many will not lift their feet very high. Have someone walk through the home looking for any potential fall hazards and have them removed. Common hazards include throw rugs, papers and low tables.

Prepare for Follow-Up

Schedule follow-up appointments as soon as possible. Think about the senior’s schedule and plan accordingly. Normally, seniors will be at their best early in the day, making that the best time to schedule appointments normally. Remember to take note of the appointments in a planner or calendar so you don’t forget.


Most seniors will need someone to stay with them when after first get home from the hospital. If you or a family member cannot accommodate your loved one in this way, consider hiring a reliable Colorado Springs home care agency. This will ensure your loved one has around-the-clock care in the comfort of home.

Turn to Home Care Assistance to help your loved one make a swift and easy transition from the hospital. We provide comprehensive Alzheimer’s, dementia and post-stroke care Colorado Springs seniors need to recover from injury and illness from home. Call (719) 822-1229 today to learn more about our flexible caregivers and how they can adjust to your loved one’s unique schedule.


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