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Sports Clubs for Seniors in Colorado Springs, CO

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Sports Clubs in Colorado Springs, CO, That the Elderly Can Join

El Paso 24-hour caregivers believe that the key to staying fit and active is to maintain an active social life and play low-impact sports. Below are three low-impact sports clubs that Colorado Springs seniors can join in order to stay socially and physically active.

Adult Softball 

Both winter and spring softball is available at the Colorado Springs community center with 325 local affiliates available. The program was founded in 1988 and welcomes adults of all ages to play amateur baseball in local leagues that have 30 regional tournaments and six national tournaments. Seniors can enjoy getting back in the game and hitting a homerun while making friends with other adults. Swingline is also available, which is considered to be a batting sport that is co-ed and has no base running with one-day double elimination tournaments hosted in Memorial Park.

Bowling Leagues at The Summit

Bowling leagues and clubs are available throughout the year at The Summit where suitable competition are available for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Seniors can also choose to start their own bowling club with their friends, family members, and neighbors in a laid-back bowling league that is appropriate for those who are less competitive. Clubs can choose to meet weekly, bi-weekly, or every other month. Members will have the option of choosing the number of sessions that they want to bowl, along with the specific day and time of the week.

Colorado Springs Industrial Golf League

Seniors who enjoy spending time on the green can join a golf league that travels to 15 different golf courses every week through the months of May to September each year. Seniors can practice their golf swing with other players throughout the week while enjoying a bit of competition with locals and getting some fresh air. During a typical tournament, players will walk several miles to get around, thereby getting some essential cardiovascular exercise in.

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