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Bathing Tips: How Caregivers Can Help Disabled Seniors Bathe

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Helping Seniors with Disabilities During Bath Time in Colorado Springs, CO

Hygiene is always important regardless of age, but it can be difficult for aging seniors to take care of themselves. The majority of accidents for people over the age of 65 take place in the bathroom, which is why it’s important for family caregivers in Colorado Springs to help prevent these injuries. The following are few tips caregivers can keep in mind while helping their loved ones during bath time.

Get the Proper Accessories

Before helping a senior bathe, you can get some equipment that will make the process safer and easier. A plastic apron will protect your clothing while you help your loved one in the bath, and liquid soap will be more convenient than a bar of soap. Install non slip adhesives along the floor and grab bars around the edge of the shower or tub to reduce the chances of your senior loved one falling.

Give Your Loved One a Chair

A bath is safer for seniors who need Colorado Springs post-stroke care because they can sit down without risk of falling. It’s also easier for caregivers because they will not get wet while assisting their loved ones. If the tub has a showerhead above it, you can use a handheld shower attachment for rinsing and other wetting needs. If the senior does not have a bathtub, you can find a shower stool at a medical supply store to place in the shower so he or she can remain seated. 

Entertain Your Loved One

Seniors with cognitive disabilities can find the bathing process to be confusing and exhausting. To keep your loved one from struggling while he or she is bathing, you can distract him or her with a waterproof toy or play some relaxing songs to keep your loved one calm.

Maintain Comfort and Modesty

Many seniors are made uncomfortable by the idea of including another person in their bathing routine. Though it might be a little more difficult to help them get clean, many experienced caregivers find that seniors are more willing to be bathed if they can hold a small towel around their body, or perhaps even a swimsuit.

If you are uncomfortable or unable to bathe your loved one yourself, turn to Colorado Springs Home Care Assistance. We provide flexible live-in and hourly services to help seniors with daily bathing, grooming, and dressing while maintaining their dignity. Our premier at-home care enables seniors to age in place and get the help they need to meet the challenges of physical and cognitive disabilities. Contact a compassionate Care Manager today at (719) 822-1229 to learn more about our services and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation.


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