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Fun Halloween Games for Seniors with Limited Mobility

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Ways For Elderly With Physical Disabilities To Play Halloween Games in Colorado Springs, CO

Halloween parties are fun for people of all ages, even seniors with limited mobility. Colorado Springs caregivers can plan some fun and exciting games to keep their senior loved ones entertained and mentally stimulated this Halloween. 

Musical Pumpkin Pass

The game is similar to musical chairs. However, the only thing moving is a small pumpkin-like gourd or a small holiday-themed item. Have all participants sit in a circle. Explain that each person must continually pass the item so as not to be caught holding the object when the Halloween music stops. A process of elimination determines the winner. 

Horror Movie Match

Use pictures of actors, props or characters as clues to help guests guess the identity of various popular horror films. Display one image at a time until someone gives the correct answer. 

Haunted Memory

Place a number of items on a tray. Allow up to 30 seconds for everyone to view and remember the objects. Cover and remove the tray and then challenge guests to remember the items. Depending on the cognitive ability of seniors, questions might also include specific details of certain items. 

Eyeball Pong

Decorate ping-pong balls with permanent markers to resemble blood-shot eyeballs. Position a series of plastic pumpkins or other suitable containers on the floor. Challenge your guests to toss or bounce the balls in such a way that they land in the container. The first person to successfully land three eyeballs in the pumpkins wins. 

Creepy Crossword

Using poster board, create a Halloween-themed crossword puzzle. Let all of the guests take turns trying to guess the words using predetermined clues. 

Spooky Scramble

Choose one dozen or more words related to Halloween and scramble the letters of each word. Give each person a list, and ask all to unscramble as many of the words as possible before the time runs out. The person with the most correctly identified words wins a prize.

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