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Is My Senior Loved One Gluten Intolerant?

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Knowing the Signs of Gluten Intolerance in Colorado Springs, CO

The recent craze in gluten-free foods is due to the growing public awareness of gluten intolerances and sensitivities. Gluten, which is a form of protein that mostly exists in grains, typically doesn’t cause problems. However, a small portion of the population might have trouble digesting it. Gluten intolerance can develop later in life after years of consuming gluten, which is why Colorado Springs caregivers hope families will watch out for the following symptoms of gluten intolerance.

Stomach Pain

The main symptoms of gluten intolerance are digestive issues after consuming gluten products. These issues may include abdominal cramps, stomach pains, gas, and severe bloating. Stomach pain is particularly common among people with celiac disease as gluten often causes damage to their intestines.


When a person is intolerant to gluten, the body sees it as a harmful substance that must be removed from the body. This can lead to feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, and fogginess because a senior’s body might be overtaxed from trying to digest foods with gluten. The feeling of exhaustion may include weak muscles and fatigue after daily activities.

Irregular Bowel Movements

Intolerance to gluten can lead to diarrhea, constipation, or a variety of other irregular bowel movements that may be accompanied by severe abdominal pain. This symptom is a result of the body is unable to digest gluten anymore.

Neurological Issues

Gluten intolerance can affect the regular brain function and the nervous system. Problems within the brain can lead to anxiety, depression, and even epilepsy. Issues within the nervous system can cause a senior with a gluten intolerance to have a feeling of numbness or tingling, especially in the hands and feet. These symptoms are can signify other problems, which is why providers of at-home care in Colorado Springs recommend your loved one see a doctor.

If your loved one is diagnosed with gluten intolerance, he or she may have trouble maintaining a gluten-free diet. With help from the trusted professionals from Home Care Assistance, your senior loved one will receive help preparing nutritious meals. In addition to a nutritious diet, our expertly trained caregivers will oversee other aspects of daily living to promote your loved one’s wellbeing. We provide extensive in-home services including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and post-stroke care in Colorado Springs to enhance senior health from the comfort of home. Call (719) 822-1229 today to learn more about how we can help your senior loved one age in place with dignity.


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