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Senior Surgery: What to Expect After a Hip Replacement

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What to Expect After Your Senior Loved One Has a Hip Replacement Surgery in Colorado Springs, CO

Hip replacements are one of the most common surgeries among seniors because the joints of the hip experience a lot of wear and tear with age. If your senior loved one is undergoing a hip replacement surgery, knowing what to expect afterwards can help you and Colorado Springs home care agencies provide the level care they need. 

Common Complications

The primary dangers after hip surgery are blood clots, wound infections, and hip dislocations. It may be necessary for your elderly loved one to take blood thinners and antibiotics to lessen clotting and infection risks. Frequently moving around will also help to reduce the risk of blood clots, but doctors may suggest that patients avoid certain movements that might dislocate the new hip.

New Precautions

It may take a few days before a senior with a hip replacement can move and in the following weeks of recovery, they will need to be very cautious. While recovering, seniors will not be able to get the incision area wet for a few weeks and most doctors advise patients not to bend the hips at more than a 90-degree angle. This may make it hard to sit or lie down, or even bend over at first. It may also make bathing a challenge, which is why sponge baths are highly recommended.

Physical Therapy

In order to recover properly, regularly attending assigned physical therapy sessions is absolutely essential. This therapy will begin in the first few days after the surgery and it may continue for up to a couple of months.

Physical Limitations

Your elderly loved one may be looking forward to returning to physical activities they could not do before the surgery. Instead of having to focus on pain with every movement, they can expect to return to physical activities after three to six months of recovery. Though strenuous activities like skiing will probably never be a good choice, seniors can look forward to walking around easily and playing tennis or golf with their replacement joint.

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