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Maintaining Positivity While Providing Care for a Senior

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How to Stay Positive If You're a Family Caregiver in Colorado Springs, CO

Maintaining a positive attitude as a family caregiver can be a challenge, but it’s important for your health and wellbeing. This kind of outlook can ease the stress that goes along with being a caregiver. If you find it challenging to stay positive, keep the following tips in mind. 

Start a Gratitude Journal

Practicing gratitude can change your entire outlook, especially when it comes to caring for a senior loved one. Start a journal that contains what you’re grateful for, and make it a habit to write in the journal each day. You might find it helpful to think of at least three things you’re thankful for each morning after waking up. When you have those things in mind, write them down in your journal to start each day with a positive attitude. 

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Spend Time with Positive People

Set aside time to spend with people who make you feel good about yourself or those who generally have a positive attitude toward life. Being around these kinds of people can help you stay upbeat and optimistic about caregiving, even when it becomes more challenging or stressful at times. Avoid spending time with friends or family who have a negative outlook. These people will have the opposite effect and make it difficult for you to remain positive. 

Perform a Daily Act of Kindness

Being kind to others is a great way to boost your emotions and feel hopeful about your situation, especially during difficult times with your loved one. Aim to perform one act of kindness a day, such as giving someone a thoughtful compliment. Other acts of kindness to consider doing include donating or volunteering to help those in need. Forming a habit of doing one daily act of kindness can help you refocus if you start feeling negative about caregiving. 

Be Gentle with Yourself

If you can’t handle all of your caregiving tasks or if you make a mistake, don’t let this send you into a negative frame of mind. Instead, be kind to yourself. Focus on what you’ve been able to accomplish, and make plans to figure out how to take care of the rest. Plans might involve asking other family members to help out or hiring a caregiver to lend you a hand. 

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Find the Good in Every Situation

No matter how challenging some days might seem when you’re a family caregiver, it’s important to remember you can always find something good to focus on. When you’re having a particularly difficult time, shift your perspective and look for the good in each situation. Finding even one positive aspect may prevent you from dwelling on negative ones and make it easier to maintain a healthy and positive outlook while caring for your loved one.

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