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6 Tips for Enhancing Quality of Life for Older Adults with Dementia

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Ways to Boost Quality of Life for Aging Adults with Dementia in Colorado Springs, CO

Many aging adults live with some form of dementia today, and it’s not always easy to know how to help someone with this condition. Since the symptoms change over time, it’s common for families to not realize how much their senior loved one’s quality of life has decreased until it causes serious problems. You can use these six ideas to boost your loved one’s quality of life so he or she continues to thrive.

1. Preserve Mental Abilities

The majority of dementia symptoms are related to changes in brain functioning. For instance, your loved one may start to forget to complete normal daily tasks or get confused about time and place. Preserving your loved one’s ability to think and remember information can slow the progression of dementia symptoms. Keep your loved one’s brain challenged with puzzles, classes, and conversations that strengthen cognitive abilities.

Dementia can be challenging for seniors to manage, but they can maintain a higher quality of life with the help of professional dementia care. Colorado Springs seniors can benefit greatly from the Cognitive Therapeutics Method (CTM), an activities-based program designed to promote cognitive health and delay the onset of dementia. CTM is included at no additional charge with any of the in-home care plans provided by Home Care Assistance.

2. Protect Against Injuries

Seniors with dementia may not always practice good judgment when it comes to doing things around the house. For instance, they may walk across wet floors and fall. Alternatively, they may not remember basic safety guidelines such as keeping cords away from water sources. If your loved one seems to be doing things that pose a risk for injuries, consider having a caregiver spend the majority of the day with him or her. An injury could lower your loved one’s quality of life by making it difficult to continue to be independent.

3. Provide Compassionate Social Contacts

People with dementia are at greater risk for isolation. However, they need regular opportunities for communication to preserve their abilities. Make sure your loved one has several people who are understanding of the condition and capable of talking to him or her throughout the week. Hiring a home caregiver can expand your loved one’s social network so he or she has someone to talk to every day.

4. Check on Eating Habits

Dementia-related memory loss could cause your loved one to forget to eat. He or she may also eat unhealthy foods or forget how to stick to doctor-recommended diet plans. Since a well-balanced diet is necessary for brain functioning, you also need to make sure your loved one has adequate food supplies in the house and assistance with cooking if needed.

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be challenging, but compassionate help is available. If your senior loved one has been diagnosed with a serious condition and needs help with tasks like meal prep, transportation, bathing, and grooming, reach out to Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of elder care Colorado Springs, CO, families can trust. We also offer comprehensive care for seniors with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

5. Make Sure the Living Environment Is Clean

Your loved one may also start to overlook messes and clutter that he or she used to pick up. A cluttered environment is a fall risk, and it also contributes to illnesses and allergies. If your loved one seems unable to keep the house up to normal standards of cleanliness, make arrangements for housekeeping so he or she can live with dignity.

6. Plan Enjoyable Leisure Activities

As you search for ways to increase your loved one’s quality of life, remember that having fun moments every day is important for his or her emotional wellbeing. Try to plan outings with your loved one that include you or a caregiver going along to keep him or her safe. At home, help your loved one start a hobby that provides something to look forward to each day.

Highly trained caregivers with experience in caring for seniors with dementia can be a fantastic resource for family members. Families looking for top-rated Colorado Springs senior care providers can reach out to Home Care Assistance. From respite care to specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia, stroke, and Parkinson’s care, there are many ways we can make life easier for seniors and their loved ones. Reach out to us at Home Care Assistance if you need compassionate, professional care for your loved one. Call one of our dedicated Care Managers today at (719) 822-1229 to learn about the high quality of our in-home dementia care services.


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