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New Thanksgiving Traditions to Start with Seniors

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Starting a New Thanksgiving Tradition with Your Elderly Loved One in Colorado Springs, CO

Thanksgivings in the past may have been a huge family affair that lasted well into the night. If you are a full-time or part-time Colorado Springs caregiver spending time with your senior loved one this Thanksgiving, then it may be important this year to come up with something that strays from the usual turkey dinner and football. This makes the perfect time to start new Thanksgiving family traditions.

Make a Tablecloth

A day or two ahead of Thanksgiving, ask each family member to sign a white tablecloth and add one thing that that they are most thankful for next to their signature. You can use paint pens so that the words become a lasting tribute. During the meal, ask everyone to say why he or she chose to add that word. Use the same tablecloth each year so that people can add to it for many years to come.

Look Through Old Photos

El Paso elder care providers understand that many seniors love to remember days gone by. Grab those family albums and search through them for ones from the holidays past. Set a timer and let each person talk about one photo that they are featured in until the timer goes off. Using the timer keeps the action moving and can prevent your senior loved one from becoming overly tired. If the timer goes off, and the senior is telling a great story, then simply bend the rules.

Make a Craft

Making a simple craft to give away to those less fortunate can help your loved one to feel better about his or her circumstances. Thanksgiving afternoon is a great time to get everyone involved in this fun activity. One idea is to get some clear disposable pastry bags and fill them with hot chocolate mix before fashioning them to look like a reindeer. Glue a red pompom on the bag for the nose and add some squiggly eyes. Tie the bag with a brown pipe cleaner shaped to form antlers. You can then deliver them after the holidays to a homeless shelter, Head Start or a local children’s worship service.

It’s important for seniors to honor new and old traditions this holiday season. In doing so, they solidify bonds with their families and acquire new things to be thankful for. Learn more about beneficial activities for seniors to enjoy with their families by calling Home Care Assistance at (719) 822-1229 today. In addition to helping seniors enjoy a better quality of life, we provide specialized Alzheimer’s, dementia and post-stroke care Colorado Springs families depend on to help seniors age in place with dignity. Call today to schedule a complimentary consultation with a trusted Care Manager.


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