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Tips for Maintaining Senior Foot Care

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How to Care for Your Elderly Loved One's Feet in Colorado Springs, CO

If you have a senior loved one who is dealing with foot pain, it can be very difficult for him or her to manage. Seniors with limited mobility are more prone to muscle pain and foot issues, so it is essential to make sure that your elderly loved one has healthy feet. Here are a few ways providers of live-in care in Colorado Springs recommend to help a senior maintain healthy feet.

Stimulate Circulation

Seniors are particularly likely to have issues with poor circulation in the hands and feet because their body is trying to keep blood circulating in more vital areas. Poor circulation can lead to numbness or trouble walking, and if seniors have diabetes, they are at risk for losing their feet entirely. Try to encourage blood flow throughout your elderly loved one’s feet with a warm foot bath, a walk around the house, or a vigorous foot massage.

Seek Professional Help for Bunions or Corns

Bunions and corns are both common foot problems that are caused by excessive wear and tear on feet as people age. At home treatments can be harmful for seniors to try alone, so it is important to see a doctor who can recommend proper treatment. Additionally, it will help to have Colorado Springs home care professionals oversee any physical therapy assistance or medication reminders your loved one needs after seeing the doctor.

Find Comfortable Shoes

Proper footwear will ensure that your senior does not end up with blisters or scrapes that are difficult for an aging body to heal. Good shoes are also important for overall posture and mobility. A good shoe for a senior should have a thick sole with strong arch support, low heels, and a soft, flexible upper. Shoes for a senior should not be too tight so that their feet are not pinched.

Keep Feet and Footwear Clean

Fungal infections are likely to occur if a senior’s feet are constantly warm and humid. Therefore, it is important for your senior loved one to have fresh, breathable socks and to change them regularly. If shoes or feet get wet, they should be dried as soon as possible.

As previously mentioned, seniors often have trouble maintaining foot care due to mobility issues. To help your loved one maintain proper foot care, turn to Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs. We provide premier Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, and dementia care for Colorado Springs seniors that strives to help them maintain independence while promoting health and wellbeing. Our dedicated caregivers help senior with activities such as grooming, bathing, foot care, and so much more. To learn more about how we can help your loved one age in place in comfort, call (719) 822-1229 and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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