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Cosmetic Surgery: Is It Safe for My Senior Loved One?

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Is Plastic Surgery Safe for Seniors in Colorado Springs, CO?

Cosmetic surgery involves minimal or invasive procedures performed by licensed cosmetic surgeons in order to defy the signs of visible aging and correct birth or injury deformities. Though women and men under the age of 50 often elect to have various procedures, in recent years, more and more seniors aged 65 or over are visiting cosmetic surgeons. However, seniors and their hourly caregivers in Colorado Springs may wonder about the risks involved with the advanced age group. 

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that more than one million non-surgical and surgical treatments were performed on patients 65 years and older in 2014. This statistic represents a 63 percent increase in the last five years alone. Older men and women desire having many different age-reversing procedures that commonly include breast augmentations, eyelid corrections, facelifts and rhinoplasties. 

The concern for elderly safety in combination with existing medical conditions, medications and the stress of undergoing procedures sparked the interest of Dr. Yezhelyev from the Vanderbilt University Department of Plastic Surgery. On average, younger cosmetic procedure candidates are approximately 39 years of age. On the other hand, seniors are around 69 years of age. When evaluating the data of patients from 2008 to 2013, researchers found that complications for the younger group averaged at 1.84 percent. Complications for seniors were only slightly higher at 1.94 percent. When narrowing the study to senior citizens aged 80 and older, the complications were 2.2 percent. 

Dr. Yezhelyev and his team determined that cautious patient screening and educating potential cosmetic surgery candidates made a profound difference in the surprising results. Physicians experienced in performing cosmetic procedures on senior citizens advise that careful health evaluations of all patients remain key in determining which individuals safely tolerate treatment and recovery. There are many seniors with fewer health problems than their younger counterparts who do amazingly well and are thrilled with their makeovers. However, some seniors with preexisting health problems or who take certain medications will need to consult further with a physician before undergoing any cosmetic procedures.

If your loved one is scheduled to undergo plastic surgery, he or she will need help recuperating. You can give your senior loved one the opportunity to heal in the comfort of home with help from Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs. We provide flexible live-in and hourly services to help seniors recover from a multitude of surgeries and illnesses in the convenience of their own homes. In addition to companionship and emotional support, our experienced caregivers offer professional personal care and mobility assistance to ensure a quick and effective recovery. Learn more today when you call (719) 822-1229 and speak with a trusted Care Manager.


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