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Can Chocolate Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke?

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How Chocolate Reduces the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke in Colorado Springs, CO

Post-stroke caregivers in Colorado Springs may not have to worry about their senior loved ones regularly eating chocolate after a stroke because it could reduce their risk of another stroke and even heart disease. This news comes after Scottish researchers examined the eating habits of over 20,000 participants over a period of 12 years. Here is what they learned.

A study conducted at the University of Aberdeen regarding the benefits of chocolate was recently published in the medical journal Heart. The study focused on the experiences of 20,951 adults of both sexes that had already been a part of the EPIC-Norfolk study. Researchers reviewed the data from this study that followed the diets of these adults through questionnaires over the course of approximately 12 years. When the study first started, the average amount of chocolate that they ate was documented. The participants were then examined to see if they developed or died from heart disease or stroke accounting for other known risk factors such as sex, age and lifestyle factors like smoking and drinking alcohol.

This study revealed that during the follow-up appointments, 14.4 percent of all participants experienced either an episode of non-fatal or fatal stroke, heart disease or both. This research also revealed that eating up to 100 grams of chocolate each day was consistent with a significantly lower risk of both stroke and heart disease. Additionally, eating chocolate daily also may lower the risk of hospitalization or death due to heart disease.

Dark chocolate is said to have the most health benefits. This study found that the participants consumed mainly milk chocolate, which means both forms of chocolate may have more health benefits than they had previously thought. According to Professor Phyo Myint from the University of Aberdeen, this could indicate that rather than flavonoids, other compounds associated with milk constituents such as fatty acids and calcium may offer an answer for the observed relationship.

This study offers hope to seniors who have higher risk factors for a stroke or heart disease. This study concludes that there is no evidence that people worried about cardiovascular issues should stay away from chocolate. While this is great news for chocoholics, it’s still important for seniors to eat a well-rounded diet. You can ensure your loved one eats healthy and exercises regularly with help from Home Care Assistance in Colorado Springs, CO. Our compassionate caregivers are expertly trained in the latest home care techniques including nutritious meal preparation and senior-friendly exercises. Call (719) 822-1229 today to set up a free in-home consultation with a friendly Care Manager and meet with a trusted caregiver today.


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