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Does Willow Bark Slow the Aging Process?

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Does Willow Bark Have Anti-Aging Properties in Colorado Springs, CO?

Humans have always been fascinated by the prospect of a fountain of youth. According to the science journal Oncotarget, researchers from Idunn Technologies and Concordia may have found it in the form of plant extracts that contain anti-aging molecules. Live-in Colorado Springs caregivers and the seniors they care for can learn more about these miraculous findings below.

Aging in Yeast and Humans

The researchers conducted over 10,000 experiments to determine which plant extracts would extend the lifespan of yeast. The scientists used yeast as a subject since its cellular aging process is similar to that of humans. This made it relatively simple for the researchers to detect any anomalies in the aging process of the yeast, namely an unusually slow rate of aging.

They found a total of six new groups of molecules that retarded the chronological aging process of yeast. Not only could these molecules slow the aging process itself, they could also possibly prevent the development of diseases associated with aging, including certain types of cancer or dementia.

Éric Simard, the founder of Idunn Technologies, believes that this discovery can not only stop the aging process, but also delay the onset of multiple age-related disorders. It would be a case of killing several birds with one stone. Treatments that slow the aging process could delay the development of diseases that are usually seen in older people. Delaying the appearance of age-related diseases would buy seniors more healthy years, which would also extend their life expectancies. Simard also noted that the newly found molecules will soon be used in commercial products.

The Power of Willow Bark

An extract of willow bark (Salix alba) proved to be the most potent anti-aging substance. It could extend the average lifespan of yeast by as much as 475 percent and the maximum by 369 percent. It easily out-performed metformin and rapamycin, which are two well-known anti-aging drugs.

The six extracts have already been determined to be non-toxic. In fact, they are already known to provide other health benefits to people. The scientists plan to do more research using animal subjects and they intend to study the extracts’ effects on cancer.

This discovery is particularly important for seniors as it could give them a chance at youthful, healthy lives. While researchers conduct further studies on these finding, seniors can turn to reliable Colorado Springs, CO, senior care agencies to enjoy their golden years. Home Care Assistance of Colorado Springs is a leading provider of flexible live-in and hourly home care that allows seniors to maintain independence while getting the help they need around the house. We help with everything from personal care and grocery shopping to prescription pick-ups and housekeeping. Call (719) 822-1229 today to learn more and schedule a complimentary consultation.


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